Saturday, 6 August 2011

Inspire Awards State Exhibition Guntur 2011/State Science Exhibition 2011

State level Inspire awards Exhibition photos
Inspire Awards State Exhibition,Guntur

Nirula Engineering College for women,Guntur

Protection from sudden rain

Protection from sudden rain with simple sensor

Modern village

NagarjunaSagar Dam

 compost from waste material

Petrol from waste plastic

Independent former

Lubricant from waste plastic

Lubricant from waste plastic

Fluoride solution

solution for Fluoride problem

Current from moving train

current from waste material

Lift house

water pollution

Self watering plant

Cotton Paper /Hand made paper

Acid Rain

Solar Energy

Herbal fertilizers

Tidal current

Agriculture without fertilizers

 power generation 

Simple cooler

Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclips

Save our birds

Water lifting without  zero power

Find area of sphere

Maths in science exhibition

Magnetic Field

Geothermal Energy 

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